WP4- Participatory research on LPVC- “from the lab to the mud”

One of SPEAR objectives is to improve smallholders’ livelihood through adopting WP3’s innovative outcomes, tested here through specific case studies. WP4 will also focus on fostering close links between all actors across the whole LPVCs identified in WP2. Such approach will contribute to achieve acceptance and sustainability for the proposed solutions. Through the case studies and ad hoc training, workshops and experience sharing which will be included in the interactive platform for knowledge sharing developed in WP5, this WP will empower LPVCs actors with new knowledge and tools.
T4.1: Participatory development of innovative technologies for improving LPVCs – case studies:
I. Livestock and poultry food supplement: Formulation of feeds using non-conventional sources such as insects to substitute expensive ingredients such as fishmeal, soybean and maize: analysis and tests on chicken and livestock
II. Optimization of the processing and preservation process for livestock and chicken meat and eggs.
III. Quality and acceptance assessment from consumers.
T4.2: Transfer of improved technologies and innovations through research-extension-farmer linkages
D4.1: Report on technologies and innovation gaps for LPVCs
D4.2: Report on new feeds
D4.3: Protocols for meat storage
D4.4: Report on consumers’ appraisal of local meat and dairy products.