WP3 – Participatory Systems Modelling Framework

This WP will rely on the research results from WP2 to develop the PVCM suitable for the different countries through systems tools such as soft systems methodology (5), critical systems heuristics (6), and system dynamics (7). Its results will promote empowerment through learning methods for VC analysis from a PVCM perspective. It will also deliver frameworks for promoting improvements in the VCs, training and dissemination activities for WP5.
T3.1: Provide technical backstopping for the model developments used to apply and test the PVCM approach.
T3.2: Provide tools for monitoring and evaluation of the frameworks for improvement, designed after the PVCM analysis.
T3.3: Evaluate to which extent the PVCM framework can analyze and assess the different LPVCs.
T3.4: Promote learning about PVCM and frameworks for improvement.
D 3.1: Methods for the PVCM analysis
D 3.2: Protocols for PVCM applicability
D 3.3: Protocols for PVCM validation
D3.4: Publications, web resources and contributions towards an enhanced learning and discussion between stakeholders.