Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) is a corporate body created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act of 2013 to establish suitable legal and institutional framework for coordination of agricultural research in Kenya with the goals of promote, streamline, coordinate and regulate research in crops, livestock, genetic resources and biotechnology in Kenya. KALRO also has the goal of expedite equitable access to research information, resources and technology and promote the application of research findings and technology in the field of agriculture. Among others, KALRO will be obliged to:
● Formulate policy and make policy recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary on agricultural research.
● Prioritize areas for, and coordinate, agricultural research in Kenya in line with the national policy on agriculture.
● Determine and advise the Government on the resource requirements for agricultural research in Kenya both at the national and county level.
● Provide grants to research institutes and persons desirous of carrying out research and training programs which are consistent with the national research priorities and plans of the Organization.
● Support and promote the training and capacity building in relation to agricultural research.
● Promote the dissemination and application of research findings in the field of agriculture and the establishment of a Science Park.
● Establish platforms for the purposes sharing of research information, advancing research and transfer of technology and dissemination of information relating to advancements made in agricultural research.