WP2- Livestock and poultry value chain analysis

It will investigate the constraints and opportunities for improving the productivity and quality of local LPVCs not only to meet the expanding domestic demand but also to increase stakeholders’ competitiveness at the global scale. WP2 will deliver to WP3 insights on the interactions of the different VC actors.
T2.1: Map and analyze the current VC pathways for smallholder farmers
T2.2: Investigate the role of breeding as a tool to address productivity and quality challenges
T2.3: Investigate awareness about local and international quality standards and the challenges to meet them
D 2.1: State of the art report on LPVC.
D 2.2: Report on the organization of breeding and its contribution in the partner European countries generating relevant lessons for African producers
D 2.3: A report on awareness gaps on quality standards and challenges