WP1- Management and coordination platform

It will coordinate project activities, ensure timely project execution, deliverables and carry out the financial and administrative management. A project executive board will be established with representatives from all partners in order to facilitate collaboration and communication among partners and beneficiaries. Particular emphasis will be given to gender inclusion and youth employment promotion. This will be reflected in the drafting of a Gender and youth action plan.
T1.1: Monitor progress; provide support and control, milestones quality and deliverables
T1.2: Establish the executive Board
T1.3: Develop and provide a risk management plan
T1.4: Organize assembly and meetings
T1.5: Ensure correct implementation of the Gender and youth Action plan.
D1.1: Work plan
D1.2: Risk management plan
D1.3: General Assembly and other meeting
D1.4: Gender and youth Action plan