The Norwegian Institute of Bio-economy Research (NIBIO) is one of the largest research institutions in Norway. It was established in 2015, merging staff and responsibilities from Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (Bioforsk), the Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute (NILF) and the Norwegian Forestry and Landscape Institute (Skog og landskap). in order to establish a professionally and financially robust research and development unit, providing industry and management with excellent and relevant science. The goal of the Institute is to contribute to food security, sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production within the food, forestry, and other bio-based industries.
NIBIO aims at being Norway’s leading institute for the development of competitive products and services, safeguard societal needs and ultimately build up knowledge and play a key role in developing the bio-economy in the green sector. NIBIO is owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and is organized in five divisions: Food Production and Society, Biotechnology and Plant Health, Environment and Natural Resources, Geography and Statistics, and Forest and Forest Resources.
NIBIO delivers research, managerial support, and knowledge for use in national preparedness, as well as for businesses and the society at large with integrated approaches and stakeholder involvement. The Institute works in close collaboration with industry and leading international research partners in order to enhance the potential of developing bio-economies.NIBIO has more than 20 years of R&D experience in Africa; in Benin, Eritrea, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and others.