About ITA

The Institute of Food Technology (ITA ) is a public institution working in the field of Research and Development in Food and Nutrition. Whose mission is to contribute to improving the performance of the agro-industrial sector in Senegal and the sub-region, by intervening throughout the country. The process of food processing and preservation through research and technological development. To achieve its mission, the ITA provides local developers and industrialists with a team of researchers and technicians experienced in the processes and methods of the agro-industrial sector. In addition, it owns and provides specialized equipment (laboratories and pilot plants) for the experimental validation of the processes and methods developed. As part of its activities, ITA has developed and developed a range of processing and food processes based on the use of locally available material. The same is true for the training modules on all the results. Many processes and products have been experimented on a pilot scale and can now be proposed for industrial production by local industrial and artisanal promoters.