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Feb 02

Today, at CSIR-STEPRI (Accra, Ghana), key stakeholders gathered to discuss, explore, and make sense of the situation of the poultry sector in Ghana to thus identify potential pathways for its transformation. Discussions and reflections made during the workshop were informed on a diagram that shows how different elements that explain the problematic situation behave together, impacting the competitiveness of domestic poultry meat and the livelihoods of people involved.

The workshop was facilitated by UPM electronically and CSIR-STEPRI in person. It counted with the active participation of 24 stakeholders, including poultry farmers, farmers’ associations, researchers, government authorities and public officers, NGOs, inputs suppliers and distributors, among others.

Two break-out sessions were organized to promote an active engagement of the participants for validating the poultry system diagram, reflect on potential pathways for its transformation and propose interventions in that regard.

Main results from the workshop so far point out an enhanced poultry system model – considering the feedback from stakeholders – which would allow us to provide policymakers with evidence-based strategies to enhance smallholders’ ability to compete in the poultry meat markets.