Sep 23

Today at CSIR-STEPRI in Accra Ghana, relevant actors within the livestock and poultry value chain gathered to discuss the issues that the poultry and livestock food systems face in Ghana in order to reduce the import gap and support small farmers in improving their livelihoods through an increased quality of the meat produced at a competitive price. All this supported by policy regulations and market incentives.

Twenty six input providers, producers, processors, retailers, marketers, customers and researchers got together to collectively co-define the challenges that SPEAR need to respond to and design ways forward while exchanging experiences and knowledge between Ghana and Senegal researchers on protein-based feed improvements for livestock and poultry feeding.

UPM and NIBIO facilitated the workshops while CSIR-STEPRI moderated the panels and successfully led the full agenda for this first day.

Main results from the workshop so far point out at policy regulations supporting the local market, increased awareness of consumers, and improved quality of poultry feed as the main levers for change that need to be further explored under the SPEAR project.

We will keep you all posted.



Oct 10


All 27 LEAP-Agri projects participated in the Kick-off Meeting from October 8 to 10, 2018 in Bari, Italy, organized by CIHEAM. With an average of three members per project, 22 funding agencies (of the 24) were represented during the meeting. Furthermore, there were three European Commission representatives from DG Research, DG DEVCO and DG Agri.

The main objective of the seminar was to build a platform strengthening the LEAP-Agri community in order to have a common focus.

During the event, all projects had the opportunity to present their project, combining a pitch presentation, a poster session and an information note. Other activities included:

  • Discussions between projects teams and their funding agencies, to facilitate interaction and to solve ongoing questions if needed.
  • Networking sessions in cluster groups to share concerns within projects and to create research teams’ networks.
  • Session on the projects’ Monitoring and Evaluation and Impact Pathway (M&E), for reaching impact beyond the project level.
  • Presentations by EC representatives related to the EU-AU Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA) and renewed energy, and the LEAP-Agri global context.

The two-day meeting was very productive and created a real LEAP-Agri spirit. The event ended with the formation of an “FNSSA Funders and Research Alliance”.